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Marketing: How To Grow Your Brand

Marketing is something you always need to continue to work on. After building your brand, you need to continue to create brand awareness through different forms of marketing. See how Albert Lea Lawn services has grown their brand.

Branding: Building a New Brand

When starting a new business, it is important to have a strong brand that represents who you are. See how Southern Minnesota Skin Solution’s branding helped them find their identity as a local business.

Marketing: How To Track Success

Marketing can be done in so many different ways; there’s e-marketing, print marketing, and so much more. However, just because you have an add, does not mean you are marketing successfully. Find out how we (AdMfg) have kept track of marketing progress and have gained successful results.

Event Campaigns : Community Awareness

Marketing an event can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting the information out. Promoting the event under one visual system helps people recognize the event and leads to better results. Find out how the Celebrating Cultures event was promoted.

Websites: Working With Non-Profits

When it comes to outreach, one needs to take a look at the best way to connect with people in the community.  A website was created to help two non-profit organizations, Bring Beloved and Shepherd’s In have a voice in a digital world.

Campaigns: Consistent Marketing

Marketing doesn’t work if everything you do has a different look and feel. Developing a consistent design strategy helps people visually recognize your business sooner and makes it more memorable. Find out how PetersonAnthony Insurance did this with an eye-catching billboards around town.

Branding: Finding Who You Are

With growth and expansion comes the need to look at one’s image and see if it still truly portrays who you are. That’s what happened with FOH’s Civic Summer Theater organization after they began doing shows year round.

Refresh: Starting with the Logo

COVID resulted in many businesses and organizations re-evaluating their online presence. With the need for more digital resources, St. Paul’s was looking for a new website to reach their members. What better time for a new logo!

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