Setting up for

Digital Success

As a full-service advertising agency, we strive to develop great marketing results for ourselves and our clients. With an online presence, we can keep track of all of our digital traffic and see how we set ourselves up for success. Through Google site kit, SEO’s, Mailchimp, and social media ads, we have been able to target specific demographics and actually see the results of our advertisements.


Email Newsletter


Facebook Ads

We created a Facebook video ad that targeted small businesses, medium enterprises, along with insurance and construction companies. The ad ran for seven days and reached 946 people with 912 of those people engaging with the ad and 842 people watching the video! 66 people were driven to our website as prospective clients because of our digital marketing on Facebook.


Creating monthly newsletters through MailChimp has allowed us to reach out to our clients consistently. With 217 people subscribed, we can see successful results from our content. It is common for many emails to get lost in the junk folder or never get opened, but MailChimp was able to tell us that we received 206 successful deliveries of the 217 recipients with 25% of the newsletter emails opened. Each month we deliver updates on our services, products, marketing and branding tips, and information on how we can help our clients. Our clients stay in the loop with consistent email marketing.

Google Site Kit

Using Google Analytics, the highs and lows of each week were broken into charts to tell us how our audience was finding us online. Our biggest draw to our website was through direct searches, but many of our clients were being sent to our website through social media ads. There was success in our social media marketing and we were able to see what we were doing right through Google site kit.


admfg laptop

With our consistent marketing, we continue to grow our clientele. More people have landed on our website and reach out to us thanks to digital ads. Digital marketing has become one of the most powerful tools to help businesses reach new customers. An ad will never be 100% successful, but by measuring its results, we can learn from success and make improvements about who our ads are reaching.