brand update


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In recent years Civic Summer Theater had moved from a separate organization to a group within the Fairmont Opera House. It had also expanded and began doing shows year round. There was a need for a logo that connected to FOH and represented who they currently were.




It was decided that Civic Summer Theater (CST) would be renamed Fairmont Area Community Theater (FACT). This wouldn’t limit their name to only one or two summer shows. It was also inclusive to theater participants from surrounding communities. We were looking for a solution that connected their new FACT logo to the Fairmont Opera House logo as much as possible. This would allow them to advertise their community theater while simultaneously advertising the theater as a whole. Colors had been established with the main logo, and the surrounding symbol taken from the distinctive roofline. The main logo utilizes a modern looking san serif font. This was especially important for both logos since, while the Fairmont Opera House has a long history and its name comes from a historic concept, it is a venue for modern entertainment and modern audiences.


With a new logo in place, attention now turned toward their website. Fairmont Opera House had a website in place and it was being updated by their staff, but it was beginning to age and was ready for a refresh. They had begun rebuilding in-house but, with growth and busy schedules, it wasn’t practical to spend a large amount of time doing it themselves. That’s where we came in. We discussed their image, and the confusion people have with the word “opera.” Opera is actually a very small percentage of the entertainment they provide. Opera House was originally part of the name to bring reputability to the theater when it was built. So our branding goal became to show off the diversity of entertainment they provide, while portraying a modern venue that provides entertainment and art for all age groups.