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B.F.A. Graphic Design | Marketing Minor

Hayley is the one that makes all the visuals happen, whether that be on screen or in print. Combining knowledge of art, design, and marketing, she’s the one to go to when you need to turn ideas into reality. Starting her career at a printing company, she knows the whole process from concept to final product. She’s done some crazy projects before, so don’t be afraid to push her design limits. The challenge is what makes this job fun!


Favorite coffee

Dry cappuccino – straight espresso with a little foam on top

Your hobbies

Attending live theater, being involved in local theater, watching classic film, and playing board games with the family

Favorite travels 

London, Paris, Germany, Spain

Favorite books

Non-fiction/Biographies…I’m kind of a nerd. 

Favorite line from a movie

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” –To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite TV show


Most disliked TV show

Anything without a plot or character development…it’s a long list

Things you love

Spending time with family

Things you fear

Not making time to do art that’s just for me.

Cherished childhood memory 

Growing up in Northrop and playing outside until the streetlights turned on

Item from your bucket list

So much traveling yet to do!

A favorite singer or group you love to dance to when you’re all alone

Not a big dancer…carpool showtune karaoke is a different story

The most unusual thing in your office

Coffee and doughnut stress relievers

Something you collect

Memories (experiences are WAY better than things)

An accomplishment you are proud of

Was the 4th generation to be the high school class speaker for graduation: me-2009, mom-1979, grandma-1940, great-grandfather-1919.


Coffee, chocolate, and a good dark beer. Can’t say no . . . everything in moderation, right?


Being “both-brained”. I’m a creative, logical, numbers-loving artist. Was almost a math major before deciding on graphic design. Definitely helps, especially with websites. 


Rolls Royce – Digital Drawing

Snow White – Watercolor & Ink

Mrs. Miniver – Digital Drawing

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