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With COVID-19, there was a need in the community for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School to enter the digital realm more extensively than they currently were. Their school had an older logo and the church wasn’t using anything consistently. It was time for a refresh, and developing a new logo before a website launch was ideal!


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Before starting the design process we discussed the Apostle Paul, whom the church was named for, and his symbolism. He is most often depicted carrying a sword and/or a book. Because St. Paul’s Lutheran is also a school, we felt the book symbolism was especially important. The school has always used the royal blue color along with the “Saints” as their team name. Keeping that as the main color kept a look that remained consistent with their current image. The church itself has very distinct architecture. We wanted a way to pull some of that into the design to make it feel like the building itself. Inspiration was drawn from the curves made at the front of the sanctuary, the long, thin cross above the altar, and the distinct color of the brickwork.


The final design incorporates the original royal blue with the tan color of the brickwork into a simple two-color design that can be easily used for a variety of applications. The symbol as a whole makes a book, while the base of the interior blue has an exaggerated bow to make a pen nib shape. This relates to both St. Paul and education. The interior blue shape incorporates the top curve from the altar area as well as the cross proportions. The edges of the cross’s horizontal piece are brought in slightly to relate more to the guard portion of the hilt of a sword, while the blue surrounding it takes on the shape of a shield. The symbol is combined with a classic serif font which feels both timeless and acedemic.


The website really developed the look-and-feel that would accompany their new branding. Their church is now able to share video of services and their school has more accessible infomation for parents and potential families. Most importantly, the quality of the image they’re putting out into the public is now in line with the quality of education they provide. 

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