consistent marketing


PetersonAnthony Insurance has been a staple in Fairmont, Trimont and surrounding communities for over 100 years. While they do provide high-quality insurance, a main part of how they operate their business is being active in the community. This includes volunteering as well as providing financial support for different non-profit groups and events. Our goal was to emphasize who they were as people. Promoting the fact that good people provide good service. 


Billboards Print Promotional  


Billboards always come with their own pros and cons. While they do attract the attention of drivers on busy roads and can reach people you wouldn’t normally, they’re very limited in the amount of content they can show. Motorists going by at 40mph only have a split second to take in information. How can anyone learn anything of value about insurance in a split second? We began brainstorming adjectives describing what makes PetersonAnthony different: Family Oriented, Community Driven, Dedicated, Thankful. What if we used just those words as our only message? Could it really be that simple? We began pairing these words with “we are PetersonAnthony” driving home the point that PetersonAnthony is made of individuals that believe in these words. The “We are…” campaign was born.   


 With a new campaign in place, the rest of their materials began following the same theme, providing continuity to their marketing plan. Billboards became more recognizable since they followed a common thread. New materials were able to build off of themes that were already established.