Community Outreach

WeBSITE Design

Giving back to the community is always a goal when there are many local non-profits. The Shepherd’s In is a non-profit, community outreach program in Fairmont that helps the underprivileged by providing fellowship, gospel, free soup meals, ministries, and mentoring programs to help those in need.

Bring Beloved is another non-profit located in Albert Lea that was founded by a former foster youth. The organization aims to give voice to former foster youth and adoptees through various means of creation. Their mission is to bring every beloved child into their forever home through awareness, empowerment, and partnership.

Both of these non-profits offer great community service but needed help to get their organization known.





It was decided that the best way to become known to people and reach more people in the community would be by having a website. This would allow people to find information about the organizations, donate to the non-profits, and learn how to support their mission through volunteering or taking action. However, before a website can be started, a brand needs to be set in place.

 The Shpeherd’s In needed a logo to set the tone of how the organization helps people. Friendly colors had been established with the logo, and the elements of the logo was taken from a cross and an inn. The logo displays an inviting place to stay and shows their core beliefs in religion.

 Bring Beloved needed updates to their existing logo. We helped them finalize their logo and send the right message. The logo uses uplifted hands to symbolize praise and giving.



With a logo in place, attention can now be directed to the website. The websites had to be built from the ground up. We worked with organization leaders to make sure the website contained the right call to action and provided the right information. Our goal was to help out these non-profits have a voice in their community. We donated these websites to them so people could see the wonderful work they do.