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Bryanna Peterson


B.A. I-Design | Business & Marketing

Bryanna just graduated from Winona State University in May with a hybrid graphic design and marketing degree. She is very passionate and excited to help you with any design needs. Combining her knowledge of design and marketing makes her great for accomplishing your most challenging, creative ideas. Much of her design focus on branding, print, and social media but she loves to play in all areas of design– especially video and animation. She enjoys bringing her bright, bold, colorful, personality to every project.


Favorite coffee

White Chocolate Mocha

Your hobbies

Spending time outdoors in the Summer months going hiking, swimming, and anything outdoors. I got to a lot of car shows in the Summer with family and enjoy spending time coaching gymnastics in my free time. 

Favorite travels 

Prague, Budapest, Germany, Vienna

Favorite TV show

Stranger Things

Things you love

Being with friends and family.

Things you fear

I have a huge fear of snapping turtles. 

Cherished childhood memory 

Growing up on my family farm and playing with my 4 siblings. 

Item from your bucket list

Travel!!! I have so many places I want to go!

A nickname


A favorite singer or group you love to dance to when you’re all alone

Honestly, anything with a good beat gets me going. 

Something you collect

Keychains. I have a bunch of keychains from different places and events. 

An accomplishment you are proud of

Graduating from WSU at the top of my class and receiving 3 awards within the design program. 


Sweets…Or really just food in general. 


I’ve learned to be a good troubleshooter and am always good at helping others. 



Exploring The Biomes – Augmented Reality Pop-up Book

WSU President Holiday Card – Print and Digital Illustration

I-Design Window – Vinyl Design and Installation

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